Are You On The Brink Of Changing Your Health?

Are You On The Brink Of Changing Your Health?

Do you live with a health condition? Have you made a decision to lose weight in 2017? Is this the year you turn your health around? Thriving With A Condition "Live" Workshop: featuring Jennifer Montgomery...... E-Course available!

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Her energy is inspiring.  Her tools and perspectives are life changing.

Her energy is inspiring. Her tools and perspectives are life changing.

Learn the techniques that continue to allow Jennifer to thrive through multiple bouts of cancer, gastroparesis (a rare incurable disease), and a host of health challenges. In addition, she's equally appreciative for the learned ability to release her weight gaining, "yoyo mindset" and let the extra pounds go. For 17 years as an executive dealing with severe illnesses, she put her philosophy into action...and thrived.

Thinking habits

How many "before" pictures have you taken in your life?

How many "before" pictures have you taken in your life?

Until you get your mind ready to shed the unwanted weight, most diets and nutritional programs will give you nothing but great "short-term" results. Some people find themselves racking up dozens of "before" pictures. -- Lasting change, requires thinking about food (and your health) from a different view point. This workshop helps you develop a new way of thinking and relating to food and/or a medical condition.

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Jennifer Montgomery

The Workshop: Next Live Salem Event is in July 21, 2017!!

  • Have you been living with a condition for years?

    The straightforward style of this workshop will guide you through the emotions that threaten to overwhelm you. Your focus and your thoughts determine how you feel. Jennifer knows the mindset it takes to trigger weight loss momentum or take charge of a debilitating condition.

  • Have you just received a diagnosis or entered treatment?

    Her energetic style will get you excited to change your thinking...and ultimately THRIVE with your condition. Let’s face it, there are dozens of emotions you experience when you receive a diagnosis. Jennifer gets you thinking in ways that immediately make you feel different...better.

  • This philosophy transforms big issues into manageable thoughts.

    We all have health issues we want to overcome. Some of us need to lose a few pounds, others want to stop smoking, some folks have just received a scary diagnosis. Others have been living with a medical condition for years, and have finally decided to do something about it. This is your moment - this is the workshop that teaches you to THRIVE.

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Can this workshop help people with a variety of conditions or illnesses?

Whether you are attending a "live workshop" or participating in the "e-course", this workshop is beneficial, educational, and most of all ENTERTAINING, for people at all stages of health. The symptoms we experience are a direct result of where we spend most of our "thinking time". Regardless of the type or severity of your condition, this workshop will give you tools to begin creating improvement in your life. The momentum shift is tangible, and everyone is entitled to "their health". Jennifer simply shows you how to access it again. You don't want to miss this workshop.

Can you tell me more about Jennifer's Condition? --> Here is an article Jennifer wrote back in August of 2014 describing life with active gastroparesis

You, God, and Gastroparesis A Glimpse Into Gastroparesis. By Jennifer Montgomery -- It’s 2am…the house is quiet. A silent darkness seems to stretch out for hours. I feel searing pain surge through my torso. My mind is searching, analyzing “the mystery” of gastroparesis. Finally the question I’ve been avoiding for the last few hours comes front and center — The little voice of logic that forces it’s way into my consciousness asks, “is the pain bad enough to go to the hospital?” My tattered subconscious runs a quick inspection route though my body and returns with my answer….“You’ve got just enough left.” My mind calms, it falls back into it’s rhythm of probing and looking for ways to diminish my level of suffering. The bathroom floor is cold as my 100lb body lays coiled tightly in the fetal position. Gently I untangle my legs, wincing silently as spasms slice through my abdomen. The agony and the minutes drag on… As my lungs stubbornly push against my rib cage, my stomach begins to pulse in time with my heart beat. Is this the night? The night it all ends? The night when the pain finally lets go and my mind ends it search for answers? Is this the night when my body slides lifelessly into “true and eternal rest” from gastroparesis. Is this the night when I lose the battle? A battle in a silent war that rages through families—ripping apart their health and leaving behind shreds of the people they used to be? As I carefully maneuver a bathmat to cushion my jutting hipbone, I shift on the floor of the bathroom. I have spent hundreds of hours in this room. I know every detail. Closing my eyes, I let my mind wonder into the dark rooms of my soul. Smiling weakly, I sigh, as I replay a few of the “exceptional moments” I’ve had in my life. Those moments seem like a lifetime ago as I lay here tonight. Yet, somewhere, in a dark cobweb filled corner of my soul I search for more—I pray for the strength to do what I know I’m capable of. “Just one more time.” I tell myself…”I can make one more run at this life, and make a difference”. My subconscious puffs up her weary chest—as pain rips through my shoulder blades. My neatly organized prescription bottles have overrun their drawer and stare at me as I lay on the floor beneath them. They are powerless, and they know it. Their sadness spills down on my malnourished body….I find comfort in their incompetence, as it’s all I’ve known. Visions of my funeral pass through my subconscious. Oddly, I’m not emotional…detached really…just watching with love and concern as I see my loved ones wrestle with the confusion and heartache of this disease. I watch their tears slide slowly down their faces as the heavy fragrance of lilies cling to the words of my eulogy. Again, my inner voice of logic gently stirs my thoughts — forcing me to interpret, my now massive bloated belly. “Is it bad enough now to go to the hospital?” My logical voice asks. My exhausted subconscious returns with my answer…”you’ve got just enough left”. It seems as if moments like these bring out the most soulful questions. The questions only “we” know how to ask ourselves. Heart wrenching concerns that are explored only when one is riding the ragged malnourished edge of life. As I run my hand over my belly, I know a feeding tube will be my next phase [if I can survive that long]. My mind shutters at the thought of a tube coming out of my belly. I feel the fear snaking it’s way into my soul. My voice of logic returns again asking a much more difficult question… How many people are losing this battle?“ My subconscious bristles at this thought. Shifting my focus from my nausea, I see all the faces of gastroparesis sufferers in my support group. I replay their cries for help and I allow myself to feel their feelings of panic and helplessness. Their stories begin sweeping through my mind, one coming faster than the next. My heart is racing. How much suffering must take place before someone takes action? I implore my subconscious for an answer. My heart is pounding in my ears, my mind is ablaze as it searches for a solution. I can feel a shift in my body. Could this be “my moment”? Is this how it all ends…on the bathroom floor with my life and [the lives of my fellow GP sufferers] flashing before my eyes? I had played this out so much differently in my mind…maybe something exotic like a plane crash, or romantic—like an Everest expedition…but the bathroom floor? In my green frayed robe, with these ugly blue bathmats piled up under me like loose hay bales trying to prop up a scarecrow. I had a fantasy that ended so much differently… My mind revolts. I am lost in this need to understand. My unwavering subconscious comes back with her remaining answer… “Solutions will come…you’ve got just enough left.” Now is the time for us to come together. WE ALL have “just enough left”.

I want to lose weight. I've tried everything. Can this workshop help me?

In a Nordstrom's dressing room in the spring of 1999, Jennifer was enormously overweight. She had outgrown all of the "work clothes" in her closet that previously fit her, and wearing sweat pants to the office was NOT an option. To her amazement, the sales lady had just told her they didn't have a size big enough to fit her. So, Jennifer did the next best thing. She allowed herself a moment of weakness and she slid down to the floor...and cried. Not just cried...she openly bawled her eyes out. The sales clerk panicked and ran for a bottle of water, and Jennifer melted into a visible puddle, right there on the store's plush grey carpet. -- 18 years later she's developed tactics that are cutting edge and amazingly effective, yet she understands the weight loss mindset. As a self proclaimed "emotional eater", she has experienced the real life struggle of "calling in fat" to work, and how it can wreak havoc on our psyche. She has the tools that can make a HUGE impact on your weight loss goals. What if this was the workshop that paves the way for a breakthrough? ... If you've tried everything else, you have nothing to lose but the extra pounds you see in the mirror.

What if I sign up and I don't feel well enough to attend the workshop?

Each session will be captured on video and uploaded to our website. It is important for you to have access to each session as we complete it so you can return to it, re-watch it as often as you need to, and post any lingering questions you may have. This is done for your convenience, and there is no additional cost for this website access. may always email us a *request for refund (in the subject line), and we will process your refund immediately. As we understand how "live" events can create challenges. **Refund requests are processed within 2 business days. Your banking institution may take [up to] 10-14 days for your account to reflect this refund.

Do you have a Facebook Group that accompanies the workshop?

Yes! Upon registering for the workshop we will send you an email with instructions for joining our exclusive Facebook Group: Thriving With A Condition. This is where the everyday questions can be posted and Jennifer Montgomery will personally connect and interact with you. Jennifer's goal is to help you feel better, help you ignite positive momentum in your life, and she will be rooting for you as your momentum increases.

Do you have any free resources? -->YESS!!

Upon concluding each session, you will receive access to our bonus footage and additional resources. We are constantly uploading new information to our website, which you will have access to - completely free of charge. We want to assist you in "mentally thriving" regardless of your symptoms and we are going to continue giving you information that will help you become confident as you THRIVE.

Do you have a money back guarantee? --> YES!

If you are unable to attend the workshop or you would like a refund, please email us a "request for refund (in the subject line) and we will process your request immediately. If you aren't thrilled with your purchase - for any reason - within 7 days of attending our workshop, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. No issue. No problem. Email us at and we will take care of the issue immediately.**Refund requests are processed within 2 business days. Your banking institution may take [up to] 10-14 days for your account to reflect this refund.

Jennifer Montgomery is a local author - customizing workshops, speaking to congregations, large organizations, businesses, and small groups.

If you would like to book Jennifer Montgomery to speak at your next event. Send emails to Call WipGirl Workshops at 503-930-7716. Every speaking engagement has different needs -Jennifer is excellent at customizing her presentation to meet your budget big or small. Her message is powerful and her training is life changing.

Can I contact Jennifer directly with questions?

The best way to reach Jennifer - is to email her at Jennifer will respond to your email personally. It's normal to have questions about a workshop like this and she is happy to "get to the bottom" of whether her tools and training would be effective in your life.

Are you on the brink of change?

Are you on the brink of change?

Jennifer Montgomery introduces concepts that help people realize how their mental focus can overcome their symptoms of pain, weight gain, sickness, anxiety, and fear. Is 2017 the year you take control of your health?

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A course unlike anything you have experienced before

Our lives travel in whatever direction we are presently "feeling" the strongest about.

Jennifer Montgomery